Let’s get started! This is one of the higher-end implementation of RTX 2070 from MSI. I bought this card around a year and a half ago and since then I am pretty happy with it.

One of the reasons I chose this exact GPU after some time of research is because this is the most powerful RTX 2070 card out of the box, it comes with a 210MHz higher boost clock from the Nvidia reference card and without sacrificing any overclocking headroom.

All of that is made possible by its custom PCB design with 8 Phase VRM, for a total of 225W stock power consumption, and the 7th gen of MSI’s legendary Twin Frozr cooler design which features beefy cooler with 6 heat pipes and the new TORX Fan 3.0 with double ball bearings. Also, the fans won’t spin until the card hits 60℃ which happens under heavy load only! (in games for example)

Even when I stream games on my Twitch channel the card is barely audible which is very important for me! The performance is good and as every RTX GPU owner, I am happy to be able to use software like RTX Voice from Nvidia which is great and saved me a lot of money that other way I would have spent on a new microphone.

Source: msi.com

The other two reasons I chose this card are, that it has a really sleek design with discreet RGB and matches my case and the other part of my system, and that my old GPU was MSI GTX 760 2GB OC Twin Frozr 4 and I was really satisfied by it.

Source: msi.com

Other than that this is RTX 2070 card from which you can expect roughly the same performance as from RTX 2070 Super. That means you can run all most every game at high to ultra settings on 2K with 70+ FPS depending on the game. And by the way, I think all of MSI’s high-end GPUs come with an anti-sag support bracket which for me shows that they really care about the customer!

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