Genesis Part 2

ARK: Survival Evolved concludes its story with its Genesis Part 2 update, which came to life yesterday. The new content ends the story while leading to what players can begin to expect when ARK 2 comes out on the road.

Genesis Part 2 will see players complete the story that began six years ago when Survival Evolved first launched on Steam Early Access. ARK, which has since launched on many platforms ranging from Xbox to Nintendo Switch, sees players circling a new map and entering deep space to deal with the big bad in the game to close the story.

Genesis: Part 2 is the fifth and final paid DLC expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved and is available for purchase through the Genesis Season Pass.

Unique environmental characteristics in Genesis Part 2

  • Eden Zone- a starter area for Survivors, filled with plateaus, rivers, and waterfalls, providing all necessary resources needed for survival.
  • Tek Trenches that act as technological bridges between biomes, and potentially the two Rings. In between is a void of space, filled with nothing but the fragments of ever-changing asteroids.
  • Rockwell’s Garden, an aberrant and twisted region created by Rockwell filled with his eerie creations.
  • Rockwell’s Proliferation, an area fused with the insides of Sir Edmund Rockwell, affectionately known as Rockwell’s Innards biome.
-Space- Space Bridge Rockwell’s Proliferation Eden Corrupted Gardens Boros Sector Aries Sector Plains of Desolation Barefoot Plains Whitemarsh Moor Twin Tears Woodlands Bloodhorne Vale Isolation Valley Vile Creek Glen Hungering Slopes Barren Wetlands Stillwater Expanse Placidview Bleak Hills Ironbeak Fallen Cliffs Afflicted Clearing Evergreen Valley Talking Trees Forest Calamity Vale Sandfoot Plains Stormgrove Aqueduct Stonefist Valley Riverrock Expanse The Cold Point Crown Ridge Lowland Norfall Cliffs Norfall Shores Eden Trench Paradise Sector Castle Sector Echo Sector Rugged Bluff Arnia’s Bowl Stonefist Mountain Edgeriver Mountains Skyreach Summit Stormgrove Mountain Crown Ridge Highlands Peaks of Solitude Mount Greyhill Evergreen Peaks Evergreen Approach BerkBrook Height Roaring Rock South Peak Mountain The Last Ridge Pale Peak Soot Peak Crimson Peak Silky Peak Spireblade Ridge Whitemarsh Bloodhorn Mountains Isolation Peak The Elusive Peaks The Cracking Cliffs Hungering Heights Unscaled Mountain The Fallen Mount Desolate Mound Tempest Crag Ironbeak Rock Placidview Heights Stillwater Peaks Traitor Rock Crown Ridge Slopes of Solitude Stormgrove Slopes Skyreach Cliffs Tally’s Lookout Lookout Ridge Remembrance River Windless Canyon Rolling River Rolling River Falls Whitewater Marsh Grimfall River Baleview River Vile Creek River Velvet Shores Barebone Creek Barebone Falls The Afflicted Swamp Noxiousdew River River of the Fallen Ironbeak River Ashburn River Norfall River West Stillwater Fen Placidview Canyon Pink Lotus Rill Hammerfalls Creek Bleaksight Mire Norfall River East Norfall River Norfalls Driftwood Beck Daydream River Holson Creek Tranquil Gorge Fallen Oak River Jubilee Creek Silentbloom Brook Silentbloom Mere Mistwood Creek Credence Falls Westwell Geyser Summerworth Lake Norfall Lake Norfall Spring Sleeping Lake Lake Shivermore Lifeless Lake Whaletale Lake Vile Creek Loch Alderwood Spring Mystic Spring Windshire Loch Fallen Oak Lake Mistwood Loch Sweetwater Lake Restless Geyser Creeping Leaf Bog Charnel Spring Gorevale Lake Harrowing Dam Coldwater Hollow Gravemere Reservoir Sunless Lake Shattered Loch Placidview Lake Uncanny Hollow Fractured Lake Foulcreek Marsh The Murkey Pond Summerworth Bay Moonshade Lake Stonefist Spring Silverrock Tarn Nightwell lake Moonshade Falls Talon Geyser Rimrock Lake Hideaway Lake Cold Point Drop Echo Pond Brightfell Pond Twin Tears Drop Spout Island Dreaded Pass S.U.M.P The Bridge Aquatic R&D Center
Genesis Part 2 Map.jpg

Approximate Spawn Locations

Twin Tears
White Water
Creeping Leaf


Unique Creatures


Genesis: Part 2 introduces new biome variants of 18 creatures, called:

R-Creatures, подобно на X-Creatures.

Mission Encounters

Other Spawns


All items from the base game, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction and Genesis: Part 1, are available on Genesis: Part 2, in addition to the items below.



Trophies and Tributes

Weapons, Armor, and Tools




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