Apple has officially confirmed that Unc0ver jailbreak will not be possible with iOS 13.5.1!
Let’s first get acquainted with what exactly it represents and what “Jailbreak” is used for Apple devices. This is a weakness in the kernel of Apple devices. which allows the privileges of their devices to escalate in order to remove software restrictions imposed by the company on iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and bridgeOS. Jailbreak Provides access to the root directory of their mobile devices, which allows you to install applications / ticks that are not available in the Official Apple Appstore.

There are various ways in which a device can be jailbreaked. One of the more popular, easy and fast ways is to use Unc0ver. There are many different tweaks, which in most cases prove to be quite useful, there is also the possibility to download all the applications, which in principle are paid – for free.

Many users prefer to jailbreak their device because of the capabilities it provides. An example of a tweak that can be very useful is Instagram ++. This tweak allows you to open chats on instagram without sending information that you have seen a message. You can also download photos from posts and stories, as well as see your feed this way:

As you can guess, Apple doesn’t like this at all, and they’ve been trying to fix the weaknesses in the code for a long time, and there have even been attempts on their part for hardware intervention at the architectural level. This is why there are several ways to jailbreak, not just one. Therefore, for example, Unc0ver works for devices with iOS 11.0 – 13.5. As for older devices, for example iPhone 4, other ways are used.

It is only a matter of time before another zero-day is found and Unc0ver is started on it. However, within 24 hours of the release of iOS 13.5, it was successfully cracked by the developers of Unc0ver.

Finally, it should be noted that once iOS is updated, it cannot revert to an older version. Therefore, people who use a jailbreak device or want to jailbreak in the future should stay away from iOS 13.5.1

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